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Watercolour on paper – 33 x 45cm | Framed size – 48 x 61 cm


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The watercolour painting of “The Flying Pig Pub” in Cambridge is an imaginative depiction of the beloved pub.

The painting features the pub building suspended under a massive pig-shaped balloon, as Syd Barrett and David Gilmour have a conversation on top of the balloon about the cover of “The Dark Side of the Moon”. The painting also features the landlords of the pub standing at the doors, as if they were watching the scene unfold.

The painting captures the whimsical spirit of the pub, and is a tribute to the pub’s history and the people who have made it such a beloved institution. The painting also serves as a reminder that the pub was always a place of fun, friendship, great music nights and will live on in many people’s memories.
This painting serves as a reminder of the Flying Pig Pub – as the pub is closed now –  and it could even be partially demolished by developers.

The Flying Pig Pub has been voted most favourite work by visitors to the Cambridge Drawing Society spring exhibition.

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  • original Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett is said to have met future Floyd guitarist David Gilmour there in the 1950s
  • famous Pink Floyd’s balloon named “Algie” that was present on the “Animals” album cover
  • David Gilmour holding the prism – referring to “The Dark side of the Moon” album
  • managers of the pub (Justine and Matt) standing on deconstructed steps leading to the pub
  • pub was named “The Flying Pig” by landlord Mick Clelford in the 1980s as he was a pilot and nicknamed “The Pig” (hence the propeller over the main doors)

‘The Flying Pig Pub’ has been voted most favourite work by visitors to the ‘Cambridge Drawing Society’ 2023 spring exhibition!

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This original painting was created in my Cambridge studio using professional quality 'Schmincke' watercolours on the highest quality 'Arches' cotton paper.

  • painting is mounted within natural oak frame which gives it rich but also classical look
  • watercolour is protected by real glass
  • mount size is approximately 6cm wide
  • painting is ready to hang with hanging cord attached at the back
  • this is a digital visualisation of the final framing - which will be very close to what you see here

Shipping & Delivery:

Please see details for delivery options / shipping quote. This product is quite fragile because of the front glass, hence tricky for packaging & shipping. You are most welcome to collect your artwork from Milton, Cambridge (CB24 6UB) It can also be delivered by the artist itself within the Cambridge area.

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