A big start into 2023 for me. Soon I’ll be a part of the John Hughes Art Fair at Jesus College. Because it is my first exhibition within any of Cambridge Colleges (and I’m hoping not the last one) I’m preparing a special surprise … aaaand of course it will be one of my fantastic paintings, but also – ‘Jesus College Entrance’ will be the first painting in a new ‘College Entrances’ sub-series.

Please come and visit either to buy or just to say Hello:
Date: Saturday 11th February, 1- 4pm
Venue: Forum Hall, Jesus College CB5 8BL (enter via Westcourt)

At the fair I’ll have some A3 size prints and some Greeting Cards with the same motif. Cash and card purchases are possible ๐Ÿ™‚

Link to Facebook event: HERE


10% off

at the art fair

Jesus College Gatehouse – print

Jesus College Gatehouse – print


Print based on original watercolour painting of Jesus College Gatehouse in Cambridge.
(College Master sending ‘Okukor’ home)


Discover more:

  • Jesus College Gatehouse seen from the ‘Chimney’ – the term is derived from the Middle French word cheminรฉe, for “little path” or “little way”
  • combined choirs of the Jesus College Choir and the Chapel Choir performing on the rooftops
  • four Jesus College permanent collection sculptures (1.Barry Flanagan – Bronze Horse 2.Richard Bray – Maple Three Piece 3.Cornelia Parker – Moon Landing 4.Barry Flanagan – The Cricketer)
  • ‘Okukor’ – a bronze cockerel statue (held by Jesus College, Cambridge, from 1905 to 2021) flying off on the balloon back to Nigeria (balloon in Nigerian national colours)
  • Jesus College rowboats gliding through the clouds (recognisable black and red college colours)
  • Finch – one of the two college cats siting on the wall
  • and last but not least โ€“ a small character of Sonita Alleyne on the top of the gate โ€“ the first black master of an Oxbridge college


Work in Progress Pictures:


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