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If you are in search of quality art prints that capture the beautiful and classic architecture of Cambridge, nothing beats a print from a local artist’s studio. The intricate detail and charm that is captured in these works of art makes them perfect gifts for friends, family members, and for various occasions.

Not only do the prints showcase exquisite snapshots of well known churches, colleges, and some of Cambridge’s more unique architectural gems – but they are an excellent reminder of the city’s history. Moreover, the artist sprinkles a generous dose of ‘Cambridge Fantastic Fairy Dust’ over each print – bringing together aspects from both reality and fantasy. Get quality art prints from a local source today and cherish forever – it will be an invaluable addition to any home!

As a local artist, I’m delighted to be able to share my vision through Cambridge prints of the architecture in the area. My passion lies in creating semi-fantastical watercolour paintings from meticulously researched images featuring the iconic buildings and views all over Cambridge.

I’m so pleased that my prints, with their unique combination of realism mixed with fantasy, prove popular amongst all sorts of people – they have even been snapped up as gifts for family members, friends and, of course, themselves! So far my quality prints have decorated homes in Switzerland, France, Greece, Poland and across the UK – a list which continues to grow each day!


“I fell in love with the Cambridge Fantastic series of evocative watercolours with a magical realism. So individual and literally oozing charm, I had to buy more than one... and I’ll be back for more”

Hen, Comberton


“What I love about Radek’s work is the alluring power that beckons you into his own unique take on the world around us. There’s an uplifting joy to the way he depicts his subjects and shines a light on the otherwise mundane.
I’m particularly drawn to his humour and invention abundant in his renderings of Cambridge life. His incredible brushwork skills and a furtile imagination are a magical combination.”

Marc Cox


Absolutely in love with my print of Kings Parade! Couldn’t be happier with the quality and Radek is so talented. He’s brought such magic to such an iconic scene of Cambridge”

Talia, Cambridge


We love Radek's work and some of his excellent paintings are now decorating our living room”

Harry, Cambridge


Whilst I have made every effort to scan my work as accurately as possibly, the screen quality and colour grading of many devices and monitors may alter the colours slightly. Also please be sure to check and measure the size of the artwork against the space you wish to display the work to ensure you understand how large or small the piece is. If you have any concerns at all please contact me before purchase.