Cambridge Fantastic art is exhibiting at Hot Numbers Coffee Shop (Trumpington Street)

Cambridge Open Studios 2023 Burwash Manor Artist's Marquee
Cambridge Open Studios 2023 Burwash Manor Artist's Marquee

If you’re a lover of art and happen to find yourself in Cambridge, then you’re in for a treat! The Hot Numbers Coffee, located on Trumpington Street, has transformed into a delightful “canvas” for small Cambridge Fantastic Art Exhibition.
This unique (first of a kind) showcase features ten beautifully framed limited edition prints that adorn the café’s walls, providing a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for both locals and visitors to enjoy.

The exhibition is not just a feast for the eyes – it’s also an opportunity to bring a piece of Cambridge’s creative spirit into your own life. Each of the limited edition prints is available for purchase, allowing art enthusiasts to take home a slice of this fantastic collection and add a touch of Cambridge charm to their own spaces.

But that’s not all. The creative offerings don’t end with the prints. If you’re looking for something smaller yet equally delightful, make sure to check out the greeting cards thoughtfully placed next to the café counter. These cards, designed by us, offer an affordable and unique way to share a piece of Cambridge’s beauty with your friends and loved ones.

The “Cambridge Fantastic Art Exhibition” is not to be missed, but don’t wait too long to visit! The exhibition opens on October 2nd and runs until November 13th, giving you a six-week window to immerse yourself in the world of fantastic art and discover your favorite pieces. Whether you’re an art collector, a coffee connoisseur, or simply someone seeking inspiration, this exhibition at Hot Numbers Coffee promises a memorable experience that celebrates the creativity and talent thriving in Cambridge. So mark your calendar and make your way to Trumpington Street – you won’t be disappointed!



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