Justine with The Flying Pig painting

Being a part of the Cambridge Drawing Society spring exhibition 2023 was an incredibly enjoyable experience that left me feeling invigorated and inspired. The exhibition was a true celebration of creativity, featuring a wide range of stunning artwork from talented artists.

I was thrilled to learn that out of the four paintings that I submitted for consideration, three were selected for display:

Seeing my work prominently showcased at the entrance of the second exhibition room was a tremendous honor, and I was delighted to receive positive feedback from fellow artists and visitors alike.

Justine with The Flying Pig painting

Justine with “The Flying Pig Pub” painting

I was thrilled to learn that news of my “The Flying Pig Pub” painting had reached Justine, who had served as the pub’s last landlady. In a wonderful stroke of fate, Justine reached out to me, and we arranged to meet at the exhibition where my painting was on display. Our conversation was a delightful and engaging exchange, as we reminisced about the history of the pub and the memories it held for us both.

But the good news didn’t stop there. As the exhibition came to a close, I was overjoyed to learn that “The Flying Pig Pub” painting had been voted the most popular piece by the visitors!

The recognition was an incredible honor for me, and it filled me with a renewed sense of passion and inspiration to continue creating and growing as an artist.

The experience of having my work showcased and appreciated by the public was a reminder of the power of art to connect us and evoke emotions. The response to my painting has left me eager to explore new themes and techniques in my future works, as I continue to evolve and refine my craft.

Overall, the exhibition was a truly special event, bringing together a community of artists and art lovers to celebrate the beauty and diversity of visual art. And for me, the recognition and connection that came with “The Flying Pig Pub” painting made the experience all the more unforgettable.

The Flying Pig Pub – original art
Jesus College Gatehouse – exquisite original
King’s College Chapel – original


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