Ely Cathedral At Dawn – limited edition print

Fine Art Print  – 33 x 48 cm


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Print based on a watercolour painting “Ely Cathedral at Dawn” captures the enchanting beauty of the renowned gothic Ely Cathedral, viewed from the expanse of the entrance lawn. Bathed in the warm glow of the golden hour, the cathedral’s majestic towers are illuminated by the late red and orange rays of the sun, while the lower portions gradually fade into the encroaching shadows of the approaching night. This mesmerizing scene, however, is not confined to the realm of reality; it is infused with elements of surrealism, forming part of the captivating “Cambridge Fantastic” style.

Among the ethereal elements, two long boats with people seated in them float gracefully in the air, their presence seamlessly blending with the architectural grandeur of the cathedral. These boats, adorned in the same enchanting orange tones as the main structure, seem to belong effortlessly to the scene, becoming an integral part of the cathedral’s narrative. Their elevation and proximity to the entrance’s main tower evoke a sense of mystique and elevate the painting to a realm where the laws of gravity are defied.

Beneath these floating wonders, a group of cyclists speedily navigate through the mid-air, their movements appearing weightless and graceful. Weaving amidst the suspended individuals on the ground, the cyclists create a dynamic and lively atmosphere that contrasts with the tranquility of the cathedral and its soaring towers. This juxtaposition of the grounded and the airborne, the static and the in motion, adds an extra layer of intrigue and surrealism to the painting, inviting viewers to explore the boundaries between reality and imagination.

“Ely Cathedral at Dawn” is a captivating watercolour painting that merges the beauty of the iconic gothic cathedral with the fantastical elements of the “Cambridge Fantastic” style. It transports viewers to a realm where the ordinary transcends into the extraordinary, where boats sail in the sky, and cyclists pedal through the air. This evocative and enchanting artwork invites us to appreciate the timeless allure of Ely Cathedral while embracing the limitless boundaries of imagination.

Limited Edition Print Details:

  • Limited edition (out of 200)
  • Giclée quality copy of my original watercolour painting
  • Printed on high-quality archival, fade-resistant Epson paper
  • Every copy will be signed in pencil on the front
  • Included is signed certificate of authenticity
  • Packaged securely in a cardboard postal tube. Simply unroll and flatten gently before framing.


Shipping & Delivery:

This print is shipped either from my studio in Cambridge, or one of my printing partners. Please allow 2-5 business days for processing and delivery.

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