Narrow Boat And Umbrella – print

Fine Art Print  – 48 x 17.5 cm


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Enchanting print of a narrow boat gracefully gliding through the air amidst a verdant forest. Only the tree trunks are clearly defined, while the rest of the lush canopy melts into a dreamy, blurred background. The painting portrays a delightful day, as the colours burst with vibrancy and saturation, emanating the warmth of sunlight filtering through the foliage.

Perched atop the floating barge, a couple finds respite from the sun’s rays under the shelter of an orange umbrella. The interplay of light and shadow creates a playfully dappled effect, adding a touch of mystery to their identities. As the boat traverses the forest, a remarkable sight unfolds: the tree trunks are adorned with an array of birdhouses, inviting a flurry of feathered visitors.

With curiosity and charm, the birds flock to the couple on the airborne vessel. Some alight upon the boat’s edge, their tiny feet delicately perched. Others venture closer, seemingly drawn to the couple’s presence, while a few even find a resting spot upon the umbrella’s canopy. Amidst this avian spectacle, one courageous bird boldly lands upon the lady’s outstretched hand, establishing a connection between the natural world and the human realm.

The artwork invites us to ponder the possibilities that lie beyond the boundaries of our everyday experiences, urging us to embrace the enchantment and wonder that can be found in the simplest moments of life.

Whether you are looking to add a touch of beauty to your living space or searching for a thoughtful and meaningful gift, this print based on watercolour painting is an excellent choice. Narrow boat, long boat or barge lovers and owners would particularly appreciate this artwork, as it beautifully showcases the timeless elegance and tranquillity of these vessels.

Limited Edition Print Details:

  • Limited edition (out of 200)
  • Giclée quality copy of my original watercolour painting
  • Printed on high-quality archival, fade-resistant Epson paper
  • Every copy will be signed in pencil on the front
  • Included is signed certificate of authenticity
  • Packaged securely in a cardboard postal tube. Simply unroll and flatten gently before framing.


Shipping & Delivery:

This print is shipped either from my studio in Cambridge, or one of my printing partners. Please allow 2-5 business days for processing and delivery.

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