Fragment of King’s Parade (Christmas Edition) – print

 Fine Art Print  – 48 x 33 cm


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Print of King’s Parade in Cambridge with Great St Mary’s Church in the background.

King’s Parade, located in the heart of Cambridge, England, is a well-known and historic street, famous for its beautiful architecture and vibrant atmosphere. In this wintery print of the original watercolour painting, the street is transformed into a charming and festive scene. The painting depicts several buildings of King’s Parade, now covered in snow, with a warm glow emanating from the ground floor’s shops and businesses. 

The surreal and fantastical elements from the original painting are still present, with the flying punts and bicycles creating an imaginative and playful atmosphere. The cyclists are wearing winter hats, there is a small Christmas tree decorated with colourful lights and baubles. Santa Claus is sitting in one of the flying punts, taking a break from his busy schedule of delivering presents, and enjoying the wintery scenery.

Overall, the painting captures the King’s Parade in winter, with its stunning architecture, festive decorations, and lively atmosphere. It is a delightful and imaginative interpretation of this historic street and its wintery charm. This print is a perfect gift for those who love Cambridge, or those who simply appreciate the beauty of winter and the holiday season. It will bring warmth, joy, and enchantment to any home or office.

List of shops and businesses:

  • Nr 22 – Ryder & Amies, tailors & robe makers
  • Nr 21 – Benets, cafe
  • Nr 19 – Parade, gift shop
  • Nr 18 – University of Cambridge Museums Shop
  • Nr 17 – Caffe Nero
  • Nr 16 – Troon
  • Nr 15 – Noa Noa
  • Nr 14 – Byard Art
  • Nr 13 – King’s College Visitor Centre

Limited Edition Print Details:

  • Limited edition (out of 200)
  • Giclée quality copy of my original watercolour painting
  • Printed on high-quality archival, fade-resistant Epson paper
  • Every copy will be signed in pencil on the front
  • Included is signed certificate of authenticity
  • Packaged securely in a cardboard postal tube. Simply unroll and flatten gently before framing.


Shipping & Delivery:

This print is shipped either from my studio in Cambridge, or one of my printing partners. Please allow 2-5 business days for processing and delivery.

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