Narrow Boat Amongst Trees – watercolour painting

Watercolour on paper – 72 x 25 cm | Framed size – 87 x 40 cm


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In this captivating watercolour painting, a narrow boat defies all logic as it gracefully soars through the dense forest, leaving viewers mystified by its presence. The scene is enveloped in the tranquillity of a beautiful summer day, with the boat gliding serenely, not disturbing the secrets and hidden life of the forest. The foreground of the painting reveals only the sturdy trunks of the towering trees, their verdant foliage blending softly into the background, casting an ethereal haze. Vibrant palette, with hues that are bright, vivid, and saturated, evoking a sense of warmth and joy.

Poised atop the boat, a couple shares this enchanting journey, seemingly unaffected by the surreal nature of their surroundings. The woman and man appear at ease, their figures harmoniously melding with the whimsical atmosphere. Nature’s harmonious bond is further emphasized by the presence of bird houses adorning the trees, a testament to the coexistence of wildlife and human habitation. In a bold act of trust, a solitary bird perches fearlessly upon the outstretched hand of the lady, a poignant symbol of unity and connection between humanity and the natural world.

In this extraordinary scene, viewer’s imagination is stirred, and their hearts are filled with wonder. The painting’s fusion of fantasy and reality transports them to a realm where the ordinary and extraordinary intermingle, inviting them to explore the boundaries of their own perception. This piece of art captures a fleeting moment in time, forever preserving the magic of the forest and inviting us to ponder the mysteries that lie beyond what our eyes can behold.



This original painting was created in my Cambridge studio using professional quality 'Schmincke' watercolours on the highest quality 'Arches' cotton paper.

  • painting is mounted within natural oak frame which gives it rich but also classical look
  • watercolour is protected by real glass
  • mount size is approximately 6cm wide
  • painting is ready to hang with hanging cord attached at the back
  • this is a digital visualisation of the final framing - which will be very close to what you see here

Shipping & Delivery:

Please see details for delivery options / shipping quote. This product is quite fragile because of the front glass, hence tricky for packaging & shipping. You are most welcome to collect your artwork from Milton, Cambridge (CB24 6UB) It can also be delivered by the artist itself within the Cambridge area.

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