Narrow Boat And Umbrella – enchanting watercolour

Watercolour on paper – 72 x 25 cm | Framed size – 87 x 40 cm


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Enchanting watercolour painting of a narrow boat gracefully gliding through the air amidst a verdant forest. Only the tree trunks are clearly defined, while the rest of the lush canopy melts into a dreamy, blurred background. The painting portrays a delightful day, as the colours burst with vibrancy and saturation, emanating the warmth of sunlight filtering through the foliage.

Perched atop the floating barge, a couple finds respite from the sun’s rays under the shelter of an orange umbrella. The interplay of light and shadow creates a playfully dappled effect, adding a touch of mystery to their identities. As the boat traverses the forest, a remarkable sight unfolds: the tree trunks are adorned with an array of birdhouses, inviting a flurry of feathered visitors.

With curiosity and charm, the birds flock to the couple on the airborne vessel. Some alight upon the boat’s edge, their tiny feet delicately perched. Others venture closer, seemingly drawn to the couple’s presence, while a few even find a resting spot upon the umbrella’s canopy. Amidst this avian spectacle, one courageous bird boldly lands upon the lady’s outstretched hand, establishing a connection between the natural world and the human realm.

The artwork invites us to ponder the possibilities that lie beyond the boundaries of our everyday experiences, urging us to embrace the enchantment and wonder that can be found in the simplest moments of life.


This original painting was created in my Cambridge studio using professional quality 'Schmincke' watercolours on the highest quality 'Arches' cotton paper.

  • painting is mounted within natural oak frame which gives it rich but also classical look
  • watercolour is protected by real glass
  • mount size is approximately 6cm wide
  • painting is ready to hang with hanging cord attached at the back
  • this is a digital visualisation of the final framing - which will be very close to what you see here

Shipping & Delivery:

Please see details for delivery options / shipping quote. This product is quite fragile because of the front glass, hence tricky for packaging & shipping. You are most welcome to collect your artwork from Milton, Cambridge (CB24 6UB) It can also be delivered by the artist itself within the Cambridge area.

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