Narrow Boat Over King’s Chapel – original watercolour

Watercolour on paper – 50 x 14 cm | Framed size – 64 x 28 cm



Final watercolour painting of a narrow boat approaching King’s College Chapel in Cambridge. This watercolour painting is a representation of a surreal scene that showcases a narrow boat gracefully soaring over a lush meadow. The majestic vessel is adorned with people seated leisurely, relishing the beauty of a perfect summer day. The idyllic scene is elevated by the stunning backdrop that features the recognizable skyline of Cambridge in the distance. The silhouette of King’s College Chapel is distinctly visible, casting a striking presence against the azure sky.

The painting blends together elements of fantasy and reality to create a memorable visual experience. The floating boat defies the laws of physics and adds a whimsical touch to the scene, transporting the viewer to a dreamlike world where anything is possible. The tranquil meadow and the calm waters below the boat exude a sense of peace and serenity, inviting the viewer to bask in the moment and escape from the chaos of everyday life.

The people on the boat appear content and carefree, with their faces turned towards the warmth of the sun, their hair tousled by the gentle breeze. The painting invites the viewer to imagine themselves as one of the passengers, lost in the beauty and magic of the moment. The distant silhouette of the King’s College Chapel adds a sense of historical and cultural significance to the scene, reminding the viewer of the rich heritage and storied past of Cambridge.


This original painting was created in my Cambridge studio using professional quality 'Schmincke' watercolours on the highest quality 'Arches' cotton paper.

  • painting is mounted within natural oak frame which gives it rich but also classical look
  • watercolour is protected by real glass
  • mount size is approximately 6cm wide
  • painting is ready to hang with hanging cord attached at the back
  • this is a digital visualisation of the final framing - which will be very close to what you see here

Shipping & Delivery:

Please see details for delivery options / shipping quote. This product is quite fragile because of the front glass, hence tricky for packaging & shipping. You are most welcome to collect your artwork from Milton, Cambridge (CB24 6UB) It can also be delivered by the artist itself within the Cambridge area.

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